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Microblading Class

Training consists of:

  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Medications and Medical Conditions & Contraindications
  • Skin Conditions - Scars, Diseases, Contraindications, Difficult Skin Types
  • Conversation with the Client - Consultation, Before, and After Treatment 
  • Brow Shaping using the number method and a caliper tool to measure accurately
  • Drawing Basic Pattern Hairstrokes
  • Explanation of different Needles - 12 Flex, 14 Flex, 12 Hard 
  • New Techniques to achieve desired Natural Hairstrokes (this is not a template)
  • Different Hair Patterns of Brows
  • Tattoo correction with Microblading
  • Microblading correction during session ( bleaching)
  • Instructor Demo
  • Color Theory and How to Use Pigments
  • Practice Hairstrokes with aid of  Instructor
  • Practice on a Live Model to ensure proper understanding of Stretch, Depth, Angle, Pressure, and Even Pigmentation
  • How to achieve the best healed results
  • Forms and Aftercare 
  • Practice symmetry, starts of each brow to match the opposite brow, practice making transitions identical - instructor review of homework that will be assigned each night 
  • A Certificate of Attendance is given after the course. 

Eyelash Extensions Class

Training consits of:

  • Overview of Individual Eyelash Extensions
  • Products to Use for Application
  • Health, Safety, and Proper Sanitation
  • Performing a Proper Client Consultation
  • Client Consent Form
  • Preparing the Clients Natural Lashes Properly for Application
  • Cleansing
  • Priming
  • Proper Application of Eye Gel Pads and Keeping Lower Lashes Isolated
  • Thorough Application Process
  • Learning How to Pick Up the Individual Eyelash Extension
  • Lash Selection
  • Analyzing Client Natural Lashes
  • Review Different Types of Individual Eyelash Extensions, Lengths, Thicknesses, and Curls
  • Lash Solution
  • Lash Bonding & Effective Bonding Tips
  • Proper Adhesive Selection
  • Lash Framing – Selecting Style Based on Client’s Request
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Removal Process of Lash Individual Eyelash Extensions
  • After Care and Product Knowledge
  • Daily Do’s and Don’ts
  • Recommended Cost of Service
  • Marketing Tips & Tools
  • Certification Process
  • A Full Standard Kit is included in the cost of training course, and will be issued to you on the day of training.
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